We carefully inspect every diamond before accepting it to be presented in our stores. We select diamonds not just based on the statistics on a grading report; we choose them for stunning visual beauty as well. And two diamonds—even with virtually identical certification—can still look very different. That’s the danger of buying online. And why you should buy with your eyes, not by the stats. At I W Marks we’ll show you your diamond under a gemscope so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Shopping For A Diamond

Q: What is the I W Marks difference? Why should I buy from I W Marks?

A: Selection: I W Marks carries hundreds of diamonds to choose from so you can easily compare diamonds side by side for visual beauty.

B: Quality: Our diamond buyers are very demanding and reject 9 out of 10 certified diamonds shown because they do not have enough visual beauty (they don’t sparkle enough).

C: Price: I W Marks buys diamonds direct from sightholders all around the world which means we eliminate the middlemen and will pass those savings on to you.

D: Education: We strongly recommend you buy a diamond by seeing its visual beauty by using the tools of a professional diamond buyer. Even diamonds with the same exact weight and letter grades can be visually very different when compared side-by-side in person.

We understand how important this purchase is. We’re here to try to remove the stress, make you feel comfortable and at ease, and hopefully inject a little fun. So give us a call or set up an appointment so that we can help make your dream of the perfect engagement ring come true.