Custom Jewelry Design

If you can dream it, IW Marks can create it.

Are you like a lot of people? Do you have stashes of buried family jewelry treasures hidden away in a bathroom drawer, tucked into a satchel in your closet or locked in a safe deposit box at your bank? You adore these very special — very personal — physical reminders of your relatives’ grace and beauty. Just holding them and looking at them evokes warm childhood memories.


Perhaps you have your paternal grandmother’s vintage onyx ring with a tiny diamond chip in the corner? You can still see it, imposing and ever-present, on her long, thin, aging fingers. You adore it because it’s the only piece of her jewelry you received but it’s way too small for your own fingers. So you’ve let it languish in a drawer in every house that you’ve ever lived in.

Breathing New Life Into Inherited Family Jewelry


The best way to honor your ancestors and their gifts to you is to consult with experienced and creative custom jewelers in Houston about an exciting redesign. That rectangular onyx ring would make a stunning pendant, hanging close to your heart ! Setting your grandmother’s engagement diamond between two of your own birthstones in a ring for yourself is a lovely way to celebrate her every time you look at your own hands.


Our extremely talented Houston jewelers will work with you to create an inspiring, one-of-a-kind, very personalized custom jewelry design that you can start wearing right now.


When the time comes for you to pass it on to your descendants, the meaningful family tradition will continue on and now the piece will be imbued with your presence and memory every time that they touch it.

Our skilled team can create original pieces or duplicate a beloved piece for your collection. Click the button below to contact us and get started now!

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