The Benefits Of A Traditional Watch

For a traditional watchmaker, a watch is more than a timekeeper. Instead, it is a finely tuned piece of clockwork that carries with it not only the precision machinery that keeps it going but the history behind the watch’s design. A traditional watch is a piece of jewelry with a value that doesn’t diminish with time. It is an investment in the craftsmanship of the inventor, mechanic and artist who collaborated to bring the watch to fruition. Traditional watches make a statement in style and longevity as fashionable accessories to add to a wardrobe full of outfits.

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Raymond Weil

In contrast, Raymond Weil watches are more traditional and subtle in design, with beautiful contrasting faces, hands and numbers. These watches have a much smaller profile creating a different effect for those that wear it. Pairing these watches with an office look or executive style is appropriate, highlighting their quality and precision functionality.


ALOR watches offer timeless style in a more casual modern look than Raymond Weil watches. ALOR watches are designed to be jewelry, easily combined with other bracelets for a complete look. ALOR mixes metals and colors for a timepiece that can be versatile with simple lines but never dull. These watches become part of a larger ensemble of jewelry for the arm, helping set off the style of clothing and accessories worn together with the watch.


Traditional watches have many benefits:

  • Durability
  • History
  • Fashion
  • Quality
  • Artistic flair
  • Uniqueness

And someday, you will be able to hand them down to your grandchildren as memorabilia to remind them of their relationship with you and the timelessness of your love. Some traditions should never change. Wearing traditional watches is one of them.

Image Source: Pixabay