Red, White, and Blue Stones That You Should Wear This Summer

With summer’s patriotic holidays in the air, you may be considering buying jewelry with red, white and blue gemstones. Some of the most popular gemstones come in the colors of the American flag. Whether you buy a ring that combines all of these gemstones for a patriotic effect or focuses exclusively on just one, you will enjoy the vibrancy and clarity of these colorful stones in a unique setting.


The ruby is a stone known for its pink to blood red coloring. Rubies are considered precious stones along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Ruby pricing is generally determined by color, cut and clarity like other stones, however, deeper colored rubies tend to be more expensive. Rubies are often paired with diamonds in cocktail and engagement rings. Whether you add rubies to a Mother’s ring or for a one-of-a-kind engagement solitaire, you will appreciate the deep red color as it enhances your finger.


Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones in the world. They are used for engagement and wedding rings in many cultures and their price varies widely by the color, cut and clarity of the stone. Diamonds are cut, polished and faceted in several shapes. While the typical color is “white” or clear, diamonds also can come in other colors. Diamonds are often set with rubies, sapphires or emeralds to enhance the color of the other stones. One of the popular uses of diamonds in an engagement ring is as the central stone cut in a princess cut, then as baguettes added in the band. This look gives the ring sparkle from almost every angle of the bride’s hand. Diamonds are used for settings besides wedding or engagement rings including men’s rings, tie clips, watches and hair accessories.


Sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds and typically are used in jewelry. Sapphires are generally a medium blue, although they can also come in yellow, green and pink. Sapphires also come in a variety called the Star Sapphire which has a white star-like appearance in the center of the gemstone. Rubies, diamonds and sapphires are natural stones that are developed due to specific temperature and pressure occurring under the earth. However, man-made versions of these stones are also available that are grown in a laboratory. Man-made stones are considered to be worth less than naturally occurring stones although they may be just as beautiful in a setting. You can use sapphires in pendants, engagement rings, class rings and in solitaire pendants for anniversaries or other special occasions.

Adding patriotism to your jewelry can be easy if you set a ruby, diamond and sapphire into one ring. Why not show off your American spirit with a patriotic ring or pendant? These three vibrant colors can stand out on their own as single stones, while also being versatile enough to be just as beautiful in a set.