3 Jewelry Pieces that Make a Man Irresistible

When it comes to men’s jewelry, always remember that less is more. The right minimalistic jewelry choices can increase your confidence and make women swoon with your adept grasp of masculine fashion – but you have to make the right choices first. If it’s time for you to pick out your own jewelry pieces, here’s what you should be wearing.

1. Cuff Links / Shirt Studs

In a more professional or classy atmosphere, a pair of cuff links can go a long way. They state in a simple, subtle way that you are a man of class who knows exactly how to dress himself. While novelty designs are fun, if you want to impress the ladies then go with simple, elegant designs that properly express your interests.

Shirt studs can be useful for more black-tie affairs, but the same rules hold true when picking out the right designs. Also, an important note – when mixing and matching cuff links, shirt studs, and other types of jewelry, stick with the same metals and coloring wherever possible. Yes, women will notice and appreciate these details.

2. Wristwear

The word “wristwear” is slightly vague on purpose, because there are many different types of wristwear you can use. If you are younger and prefer more relaxed environments, then a wristband, bracelet, or wrist chain can be an excellent fashion statement – just keep it high quality, with durable metals and leather straps. Stick with one band on your wrist, since multiple bands can give off a weirder rock-star vibe that may not work for you.

In classier or more professional environments, a watch is one of the greatest pieces of men’s jewelry designed. It’s functional, simple, and eye-catching all at the same time. A simple watch face and strap is typically best, and metal speaks more to quality than cheap plastic. A smartwatch, however, may be a little too distracting to serve you well on a date.

3. Tie Clip

A tie clip serves multiple purposes. It keeps your tie straight and orderly, which women will appreciate, and prevents annoying wind-related tie problems. It can also show off your style, so stick with simple, silver or gold-colored tie clips that avoid gaudy shapes and colors.

If you are not the sort of guy who goes around wearing many ties, by all means try to experiment. Style experts agree that the most important part of men’s jewelry is that it matches a guy’s overall personality and style. Necklaces can work great as a turn on, especially if they are military or religious in nature. Earrings have become a widely accepted piercing for men as well, but the rule still holds true – try to keep them simple. Come check out our jewelry pieces at IW Marks today!